Hello, It’s Kryzaliza Baluyut. I am 2 years and counting as Senior High School Mathematics Teacher, and also a Digital Marketing and. I am Social Media Marketer and I seize different skills required for this field. Throughout all these years I have studied a lot about the strategies and techniques that needed to these course and also I am researcher, because I believe these my study can help me to my tasks and slay more in DIgital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Expert.
I am goal-oriented as a social media, digital marketing expert and as a teacher that I used in 2 years of my experience. As a digital marketing goal-oriented is so important to create a purposeful and decisive campaign. I create an opinionated content campaign and trend-setting ideas. And to be a goal-digger can help me to motivate to do all my tasks and research to enhance my skills to be a digital and social media marketing expert.
I am an assertive instructor, multitasking, and an honest person. I am loyal and strenuous to my job as a client. My effective communication system , I believe that effective communication can help to do a successful result and excellent anchoring power together create a great deal of success. I am not only professional but enthusiastic , Passion is important to each of us because when you have a passion you are motivated and if you are motivated you are a productive person and you are happy to doing your tasks – also about Social Media Marketing I have a lot of passion for it and also in teaching. I love to work as a Social Media Marketer and about Digital Design , I enjoy it a lot while working. Besides, I always love to learn new things to enhance my skills and my passion, associated with it when it is possible. Always remember that Design your mission: give an opinion to make a purposeful and decisive result.
Some of my skills are:

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Above all, it would be a great honor for me if we create long-term professional relations and solve your company’s problems.